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ICT and your business

Information and communications technology or information and communication technology, usually called ICT, is often used as a synonym for information technology (IT) but is usually a more general term that stresses the role of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals) in modern information technology. ICT consists of all technical means used to handle information and aid communication, including both computer and network hardware as well as necessary software. In other words, ICT consists of IT as well as telephony, broadcast media, and all types of audio and video processing and transmission.

Information & Communications Technology are tools
for the success of your business


AMS is in the final stages of development! A launch date for this exciting new product is expected very soon...


• Client based iPhone app

• iPad master app

• Client check-in using the   master app on location

• Mobile web application   can be used   "m.commswatch.com"


• Fully hosted database

• Secure client information

• Low ongoing cost, no up   fronts

• Import your current   database/members list


• Produce reporting and   statistics to help you with   client retention

• Know who is currently at   your facility

• Promote your facility with   facebook check-ins


• Import your current   database/members list

• Anyone can use the AMS   application to track their   own attendance


• AMS iPhone app is not   restricted to portal   members only

• Membership to the portal   puts your facility at the top   of 'places near me' search